14:14. Jun 24, 2009

guess my blog's really deaddddddd
should i leave it to rot....

17:35. Jun 2, 2009

that the hols are here i have to make full use of it!!
(time dont fly plz)

1) LOUD camp's getting me so excited woohoo (:
2) No level camp :O but actually im not looking forward to it ha
3) im practically slacking my time away ahhhh >:(
4) i need to finish my work asap so that i have more time for other things
5) shopping!
heee i sorta like this photo ^^

10:07. May 24, 2009

i guess i've cried it all out (:
svc with rev. mike connell was wayyyyy powerful!
longest svc i think haha but it was really really very good

22:20. Feb 20, 2009

this week was a rather peaceful, stressless one!
no test + less hmwk = yay
lol yup, it began w:
slack, boring :O
fun, movie was nice!
short day (:
long day but enjoyable
fruitful but tiring

indeed, it was kinda normal but i prefer this to the other stressful wks
of cos some stress helps but who likes being stressed and all those right?
so TGIF, cos tmr is church day! (L)
yes! no sch hmwk for the weekend ^^V which means time for revision SIAN
i realise that time passes super fast! so fast alr wk 2, feb wow, amazing
time IS precious, yet i lack time management ): bleh
and i feel happier idk why but my burdens are lifted and i worry less now :B

when i am lost you find me,
when i'm in need you shelter me.

13:50. Jan 1, 2009

2009 will be great for sure! (:my cg!

my cg and wendy's

21:40. Dec 30, 2008

last two days to do some thinking back of this year
indeed this year was one of my best years, first year being a teen
wad's more! i was saved (: ptl!
2008 was srsly fun to the max, but i believe that next year will be my best year yet
so i have planned my new schedule and my goals for 2009
many many many goals that i want to accomplish

13:55. Dec 29, 2008

to keep myself busy w sth...........................................................................................

Starting Time: 1.56pm
Shoe Size: 5 or 6
Height: 1.5+cm
Where do you live: s'pore
Favorite Drinks: milo i think

Have you ever -
1. Been on a plane:
2. Fallen asleep at school:
once or twice (:
3. Broken someone's heart:
maybe i did..
4. Fell off your chair:
5. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
don't think so
6. Saved e-mails:
imp/memorable ones
7. What is your room like:
pretty nice!
8. The last thing you ate:
fried rice
9. Ever had chicken pox?
10. Sore throat:
yes, terrible!
11. Broken nose:
12. Do you believe in love at first sight:
13. Do you like picnics:
yupppppp (:

Who was the last person -
14. You danced with:
dance grp
15. Last person who made you smile:
16. You last yelled at:
my dad LOL

Today did you -
17. Talk to someone you like:
18. Kiss anyone:
19. Fall sick:
nope but i have an ulcer, thank God its healing!
20. Talk to an ex:
no ex
21. Miss someone:
guess so
22. Eat:
duh! i love eating and eating and eating.....
23. Best feeling in the world:
being happy and loved
24. Do you sleep with stuffed animals:
25. What's under your bed:
the floor?
26. Who do you really hate:
i'd try not to hate ppl
27.What time is it now?

it kept me busy for 6mins ONLY D: D: D:
i wish its 31st!

21:29. Dec 28, 2008

here i stand, thirsting for You
-thank God for the past few wonderful days! (:

christmas eve dinner at aunt's!
turkey, chicken, ham, potato, spaghetti, salad YUMMY
plus! sonya and ethan are so cuteeeee esp ethan!
me: ethan, give me a hug!

ethan: smiles and hugs me (heeeeeee i love toddlers)
it was really fun gathering tgt <3


twilight w lq at marina! the movie was quite nice tho i wanted to watch bedtime stories aft the movie,
went over to raffles it was such a long walk leh! but overrall, wonderful date!

last church svc for the yr! (can't believe it)

so queued at 2.30 w many ppl
as usual, played uno again its like a routine y'know!
svc was longer than usual but having an interview is quite interesting
fs at airport super fun
pearly soya milk, banmian, laksa, animal game, taking photos, laughing like mad, trolley rides(!)
i love sats
alot alot alot alot alot alot alot times infinty

on the mrt we were supposed to pretend to slp but my sis didnt know LOL

usual place in airport!

me, des and my messy hair!

i love rayna!

shopping at vivo w mum, des, nat, jul, ah kor, ah ma! (L)

im getting happy and happier
THANKSGIVING is on wed! yayayayayayayay
countdown to 2009 so exciting

22:06. Dec 22, 2008

yay today went to kallang lp w my sis and mum (:
it was a last minute decision heh
y'know it was my first time going there! hahaha
but ice-skating for 2hrs continuously was superduper tiring but fun-filled!
peeeeeeeeks for now!

heeeeee, some of my new-made friends!
oh yes, CHRISTMAS is in three days yayayayayayay
dear santa, i have so many wishes (:

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16:28. Dec 16, 2008

long time no post heh too lazyyyyy
i always wanna post but end up blog-hopping hehe
dance in the morning was tiring
these few days are filled w dance practices!
luckily most are in the morning cos i hate going to sch in the afternoon ):

yes, most of the hmwk done cuz i had the momentum yay
oh ya! my hope project is on fri (: cool
mmf and emerge meeting was fun
all the performances were awesome and personally i liked melody and the rhetards!
so creative! as usual, went to the coffee shop opposite for fs :D
reached home quite late and next day had to wake up early for dance agn
woohoo! christmas is in a wk's time :B
and this wk is candlelight svc will be superduperwonderful hahaha
changed my blogskin too and will reply tags soon after :p

chc; w460
loves God!